The Three Naked Ladies of Cliffport – Vol. II

Three single mothers, three bastard children, three generations, each with a stake in one piece of land they call “home”.

Stranded in the house during a long winter storm in 1965, the outspoken landlady—kept afloat by her tumblers of whisky and cartons of unfiltered cigarettes—recounts her existence to the younger Lowrie in short bits and long pieces. Katie is also given the more formal, proper English of her mother’s memoirs to read. Between reading Elise’s Notebooks and listening to Jan’s life story, Katie wrestles with reconciling their conflicting interests in the property’s future and comes up with a curious plan.

In order to leave their hearts open (if broken), Katie, Elise, and Jan must own up to those communications they censor and those they must admit to one another—and themselves. Three naked ladies, each in her own way as resilient, enduring, and irrepressible as the bulbous Amaryllis belladonna plants that, rooted up and own California’s Central Coast, grow wild— surviving and thriving on their own.

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