The Three Naked Ladies of Cliffport – Vol. IV

In the first three volumes of THE THREE NAKED LADIES OF CLIFFPORT, we encountered three single mothers from three generations connected to a ghost town situated midway between Davenport and Swanton, where sea meets land on North Coast Santa Cruz. In this fourth and final volume in the series, Katelyn Liliane Lowrie becomes the guardian of Cliffport’s pioneer cemetery; the protector of Chapel Grove's ancient redwoods; the default repository of the McLoughlin clan’s memorabilia; and the sole carrier of her family’s collective memory. Solo, estranged from her renegade son yet aided by allies (a Dutch expat plantsman, a runaway Portuguese teen, her young tenants), Katie draws on all her resources before she will quit the home place. Navigating the ongoing threats to her way of life posed by the unscrupulous developers of the surrounding terrain, she fights to hold on to the land while contending with the elitist Monteflores Lodge West at the head of her driveway and the gentrified Whale Watch Shoppes in New Cliffport Village; periodic water wars and environmental fraud; vandalism and an unjustified CAMP bust; grassroots organizers, amateur sleuthing, and a criminal's capers in Nevada.

As the saga concludes, we witness the last of the three naked ladies, ever exposed, vulnerable, and unadorned, yet proving out as resilient and irrepressible as her predecessors. Her dedication to what she knows best and loves most proves as enduring as the bulbous Amaryllis belladonna plants, naturalized out West, growing wild up and down California’s Central Coast.

[Volume IV may be read and enjoyed with or without having read Volumes I-III.]

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